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Perhaps you’re at a crossroads in your life and trying to discern your next step.  Maybe you’re working to recover from trauma, or a significant loss and you need a guide to help you.  Sometimes, we all just need a person to talk to who only has our best interest at heart.


My greatest joy is to be a spiritual companion for you as you journey, not so much to a specific destination, but along a meandering pathway to your more authentic self. It's a journey that leads both inward and outward with stepping-stones along the way that provide reflection and action. It is not my task to tell you what to do or to speak on behalf of the Divine with any definitive voice. Together, we listen, reflect, question, and discern. Each step is a decision that belongs to you. I will be beside you and I will bring my best self to our conversations.

HopeSpring Studios | Gary Shockley | Spiritual Direction Coaching

I have a Master of Arts Degree and completed Ph.D.coursework in Formative Spirituality at Duquesne University with focus on spiritual direction and therapeutic counseling. I am a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI) where I find supervision, support and opportunities for my continued growth.  I am a Certified Grief Counselor, CPE-trained Healthcare Chaplain and Certified Enneagram Coach. 

According to your personality traits and unique needs, I may invite you into artistic expression, guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, spiritual practices such as Lectio Divina, journaling, and the Enneagram.

Our first conversation is complimentary, and I look forward to meeting you! Blessings and peace for the journey!

HopeSpring Studios | Gary Shockley | Spiritual Direction Coaching

Spiritual Direction

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