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Enneagram is Greek for “diagram of nine.” Unlike other personality assessments, the Enneagram wasn’t created, it was discovered and is ancient in its origins.


Enneagram provides language for the human experience. The Enneagram has become very popular in sacred and secular circles. There are many books written about the Enneagram and numerous free online assessments designed to help you determine your “type”. The challenge is, once you learn your type what do you do with that information? Truth is, most of the freebie assessments are less than 50% accurate! Mistyping is one of the most common realities with this approach to the Enneagram.  There is another way!


Enneagram Coaching is designed to open space to help you see yourself and others with more clarity and compassion. Focusing on nine primary personality types Enneagram offers a framework for understanding who we are and how we operate in the world. It focuses on the WHY of our behaviors and the root motivations behind most of what we do.

HopeSpring Studios | Gary Shockley | Enneagram Coaching

Don’t put me in a box!


Unlike many personality tests, the Enneagram doesn’t put you in a box. In fact, it helps you understand the box you are already in AND provides a road map out of it.


You don’t have to stay stuck! You don’t need another book or another online test. You need a guide. A real-life person who has walked this path and can help you walk yours.


There is a way through the fog!  I promise you, there is clarity and wholeness on the other side. I can get you there. I am a certified enneagram coach through InnerLifeSkill and ICF.


Enneagram coaching offers strategies to help you open more fully to yourself, navigate through the things that keep you stuck in undesirable thoughts and behaviors, embrace your unique gifts, and move forward with greater clarity, confidence and wholeness. Sound good?


Schedule a free thirty-minute call to talk about what you need, how enneagram can help, and what coaching option is the best fit for you.


Individual Coaching

Whether you are brand new to the Enneagram or you’ve been studying it for a while, an individual coaching session can help you learn the principles of the enneagram and apply them directly to your unique self, helping you live your best life!

Typing Session


A 90-minute conversation where I present information about the Enneagram, provide guided activity including an understanding of all nine types and invite you to consider which one(s) seem to resonate within you. Through discerning questions and responses, I will share what I’m noticing and through conversation guide you to name one or two types that really seem to resonate within you. I do not use standardized tests or assessments but rather this narrative approach where you get to name and begin to claim your type. No one can do this work for you. We will do it together!

Next Steps Session


A one-hour session designed to help you further discern your type, reflect on it with more intentionality and begin to set goals for your next steps for growth. We’ll explore primary and secondary polarities, wings, suggested readings, and practices you can do to continue your journey with the Enneagram.

Couples Coaching

Sometimes having another person in the room can help you see yourself more clearly. Enneagram is a great resource for couples to gain a better understanding of each other and use the knowledge to strengthen communication.


Just like the individual coaching module, there will be a two-hour introduction and typing session followed by sessions that are customized for your next steps together. Imagine building on a relationship where you see each other clearly, understand differences and similarities, maximize good decision making, manage conflict effectively and practice communication skills designed to help each other grow more fully as individuals. All of which creates incredible strength for you as a couple.


Team Coaching & Retreats

The content and practices of the enneagram are customized to the specific needs of your team. Workshops are interactive, engaging, fast-paced, and application-based. Enneagram in a team setting can help members see the strengths and struggles each person brings to the team, understand and celebrate commonalities and differences, discover more effective communication and decision-making skills while learning how to deal with the stresses that are inevitable in the very best of teams. 


Team coaching will include customized content representing the leadership language of your organization and will include handouts, resources, and follow-up engagement.


Some organizations choose a one-time workshop or retreat for the people they supervise while others choose multiple training sessions over the course of a year. Whatever your needs, I can help.

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