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HopeSpring Studios | Kim Shockley | ICF Coaching

ICF Coach

At the heart of a coaching relationship is the desire for both the client and the coach to work toward the fulfillment of the client’s goals and sense of purpose.  Coaching is always action-oriented – if there are no action steps discerned during the coaching session, then there was no coaching.  Helping a client to clarify their purpose and the goals to reach it are Kim’s specialties as a coach.  She is experienced in helping name and negotiates through obstacles, especially when the obstacles are “the way we’ve always done it”! Exploring options and negotiating action steps are part of every session.

Kim’s ability as a coach lies in focusing, listening well, and asking powerful questions. Most of her clients become aware that they are not used to being listened to, so they grow in awareness of their own situation through her lens of coaching skills. If you feel that you have become stuck in a rut, perhaps a coaching relationship is the right answer. Kim works with individuals and teams and is especially adept at helping teams lead together through change within the organization.

Most coaching relationships are six to twelve months in length with a one-hour session each month.  Kim can be flexible in scheduling and accommodating your needs.

HopeSpring Studios | Kim Shockley | ICF Coaching


"Kim Shockley is a faithful, creative, and down-to-earth coach!  Her abilities to listen intently, effectively communicate, and compassionately care for the Church and for me, has helped me to develop my gifts and graces for ministry in the ways I lead the church to love God and love others."

~ Rev. Ryan Mutzenberger, First UMC, Fargo ND


“Kim Shockley is a coach who CARES about the conundrums of ministry, brings CLARITY to the confusing challenges of ministry, and CONNECTS the dots of what is and what isn’t working in your life and organization. Through a listening ear, provocative questioning, insightful understanding, and the dispensation of practical wisdom, Kim will help guide you towards the fruitful and faithful ministry that we are invited to be a part of. Kim’s work specializes in providing strategy for the scattered, renewal for the tired, empowerment for the disengaged, and a clear sense of identity to the uncertain. I would highly recommend Kim and HopeSpring Creative Solutions to you.”

~ Pastor Andy Searles, Our Church Together, Casselberry FL

"Kim has been my ministry coach for several years now.  I never fail to come away from our sessions with both a renewed sense of purpose and greater clarity about concrete actions I need to take in order to continue working toward that purpose.  Her insightful questions help me to identify where I am spending time and energy in places that do not align with my purpose and gifts and they steer me toward greater effectiveness and fulfillment in the work I'm doing." 


~ Pastor Mark Etchison, First UMC Stanley/Common Ground

For six years Kim has been pushing me, stretching, and supporting me in my professional and personal life. She is constantly offering the perfect balance of compassion and accountability. She offers not only herself as a resource, but is constantly offering other resources to help me learn and grow. I am more able to respond, instead of react and to think critically about what is really behind the behaviors I experience in the church. My monthly meetings with Kim help me keep life and ministry in proper perspective.


~ Alex K. Bruening, pastorFirst UMC, Jesup

Every session, after attentive listening, Coach Kim will ask one Question that takes the conversation to the core of our ongoing partnership with The Spirit.  The Question is always simple and obvious, yet one which we had not yet considered.  Time and time again, her humble Question opens up a new vision and new steps forward in our mission to share God's EMBRACE with our neighbors.  After all these years of journeying together, Coach Kim has yet to run out of Kingdom-building Questions!


Pastor Noel Sweezy First United Methodist Church - Stanley on CommonGround 

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