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HopeSpring Studios | Gary & Kim Shockley | Author | Illustrator | Artist | Coach | Speaker

About Gary & Kim

Gary and Kim have been partners in life, ministry, and business for decades. They utilize their differences in personality and style to bring a wider world view and deeper perspective on everything they set out to do whether together or alone. Their breadth of experience and training over the years brings tried and tested best practice resourcing to the needs of their clients.


Kim is an ISTJ and Gary an ENFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality test. Gary is a “4” and Kim a “1” on the Enneagram. Almost polar opposites, Kim jokingly likes to say the two have learned how to use their differences for good rather than evil. Together, the Shockley’s have positively impacted hundreds of churches, non-profit organizations, and thousands of leaders across the globe.

Gary and Kim use the metaphor of a tree to describe their individual specialties. Gary likens his work as focusing on the roots of the tree. Through Spiritual Direction, Counseling, Leadership Development, Enneagram Coaching, Artistic Expression, and Retreat Leadership, Gary works to promote the rootedness and growth of persons/organizations helping them to deepen self-awareness, wholeness, and fruitfulness in life and work. 


Through coaching, consulting, leadership development, and strategic planning Kim’s work focus is on the trunk and outreaching branches of the tree promoting healthy growth throughout the organization.

HopeSpring Studios | Gary & Kim Shockley | Author | Illustrator | Artist | Coach | Speaker
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