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Leading with Purpose Consultations with Kim Shockley

Are you seeking clarity and direction in your work? Kim’s foundational questions have helped congregations, communities of faith, and non-profit organizations gain clarity about why they exist and what they do.  Her specialty is helping an organization learn how they need to behave to attain their mission (why) and vision (what). This simple process of answering four questions has helped to transform them into more focused and fruitful organizations. 

The resulting “playbook” provides a platform for how leadership teams move together into their future by learning how to use the playbook for all decision-making, planning, and evaluating. 

While the consultation is a one-day event, the follow-up coaching with Kim is where the real work of leadership takes place.

Leading w Purpose

On-Boarding Facilitation with Kim Shockley

Is your organization experiencing a transition of leadership?

A short-termed focused process for guiding this transition will pay great dividends.

Another of Kim’s specialties is an On-Boarding Process that helps new leaders and their teams find their way forward together by strengthening communication skills from the start.

Kim meets with the organization’s existing leaders to ask and answer questions that are designed for this specific group.  The new leader then meets with the group to talk through the recorded answers and respond with their own answers while Kim facilitates the process. 

The results of this work may be a leadership covenant that specifically states how the leaders will move forward together. As goals or obstacles are uncovered in the onboarding process Kim is available to continue supporting the transition with focused leadership coaching.

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