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Endorsements for  My Heart Sings a Sad Song

"My heart was touched, and my soul comforted by the caring and loving spirit in what Gary has expressed here. This lovely book will be a tremendous gift to grieving children and their families in need of healing, comfort, and restoration."

~ Bishop Jeremiah Park, Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church.


"When Gary wrote, My Heart Sings a New Song, none of us knew what a difficult passage the world was entering 2020. But here we are, and this book is a gift for all ages. On Planet Earth in 2020, we can expect moments when every single one of us 7.8 billion human beings will need to be held while someone reads to us this precious book!"  

~ Paul Nixon, Author, and Coach

"This book provides a gentle approach to some hard realities. It tackles some big questions without giving trite answers. These comforting pages are what you would get if you had the opportunity to sit your grieving child down beside a loving, wise, and compassionate chaplain--because that's what Gary is."              

~ Larry Dawalt, Board Certified Chaplain, Certified in Thanatology, Chameleon's Journey Grief Camp Director.

"Gary has written a beautiful, helpful, and hopeful book for children who have lost a loved one. Its simple story and beautiful illustrations open the door for parents or grandparents and children to talk about grief and loss. I highly recommend this book! It is a beautiful and much-needed work."                


~ Rev. Adam Hamilton, Senior Pastor, The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

"Rare is the publication about grief that deals honestly with its complexity, pain, and depth. What Gary has done in his beautifully illustrated book is give voice and vision to the reality of grief that does not patronize the hearts and minds of children with easy, empty answers. His work is a heartwarming, empathic invitation for children to be at home with their tears and questions while reminding them that in this honest place, with the support of a loving community, healing comes. For those in the ministry and profession of caring for children, this book deserves a place in your library. Just make sure that place is easily accessible as no doubt you will share it often."


~ Rev. Greg Hathaway, Board Certified Chaplain, Certified Educator with ACPE, and Director of Spiritual Care for Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte NC.

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