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HopeSpring Studios | Sand Artistry | Gary Shockley | Author | Illustrator | Artist | Coach | Speaker

Gary is an award-winning artist, author, children’s book illustrator, and Sand Art performer. Having grown up near the Delaware Bay, Gary took an immediate liking to sculpting and drawing images in sand that caught the attention of beachcombers passing by. Over the years, Gary developed proficiency in nearly every painting medium.

The Ancient/Future Stylistic Beauty of SandArtistry 

Captivating, stunning, magical, and inspiring are just a few words used to describe what SandArtistry performer Gary Shockley does in his innovative art form designed especially for civic, corporate, and non-profit organizations including YMCAs, youth conferences, national gatherings, retreats, religious services and corporate events across the country.

Like a multi-act play, this ever-changing and fast-paced art form is accompanied by original music soundtracks created for each performance. Viewers of every age are glued to the stage and screens as they watch and wonder where Gary is going next.

Several years ago, Gary was inspired to create the tools necessary to turn his sand table into a vehicle for visual storytelling that thrills and inspires audiences of all sizes. Gary recently innovated the technology that made it possible to incorporate animation sequences in his sand art performances gaining him an audition for America’s Got Talent Season 12 and distinguishing it from other sand art practitioners in the world.

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Endorsements and Reviews about SandArtistry

"Our folks were captivated and spellbound by the artistry and music of the program Gary specially designed for our Christmas Celebration!"

~ B.B. Myers Park, NC

"Gary Shockley is a gifted artist and communicator whose SandArtistry defies easy categorization. His performance provides an experience enhanced beyond measure by the astonishing use of sand, light, and sound."

~ M.G., Ph.D., Global author, and speaker

"Gary’s SandArtistry captured our healthcare organization’s mission and heart in a unique and powerful way. Our more than 500 employees and corporate leaders were quickly drawn into the elegant sand animation leaving them in awe and most importantly, inspired. SandArtistry and the storytelling of Gary Shockley was magical!"   


~ Dr. V.F., RN, ND,  C.O.O. Gaston Family Health Services

"Gary's presentation was the highlight of our student’s summer learning experience. It was engaging, entertaining, and educational all rolled together into one. The appeal and adaptability of SandArtistry are amazing. Children as young as six loved it and the teachers and staff were equally mesmerized. What a great vehicle for education and inspiration!" 


~ D.B. Director of Social Responsibility YMCA

"Working with Gary was a smooth process with great responsiveness. His demonstrations, every fifteen minutes throughout the day, were held at our school arts festival with hundreds of children and parents. Gary took the time after each performance to answer questions and invite people to play in the sand to experience a new art form. We loved having Gary at our event." 


~ N. P., Staff Piedmont Charter School.

"Gary’s SandArtistry exceeded all of our expectations. People of all ages were captivated as the stories he shared were brought to life through this amazing medium. I personally felt immersed from beginning to end and felt a sense of personal renewal by the time it was over. I highly recommend SandArtistry. It can be adapted to all ages and group sizes." 


~ L.S., Public School Teacher, Ohio

"An innovative performance art storytelling medium that inspires, challenges, and captivates people from all walks of life. Exciting and riveting visuals and music for ALL ages and audience sizes. Corporate, civic, religious engagements and private events are where the magic happens!  I’d love to be a part of your next event!"

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