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"This is a beautifully written and illustrated book to support grieving children and those who care for them. The message of this book reflects the very best practices of holding space for others in their sorrow. What a gem!"

Rev. Elaine A. Heath Ph.D. President, Neighborhood Seminary. Author, Healing the Wounds of Sexual Abuse.

"My heart was touched, and my soul comforted by the caring and loving spirit in what Gary has expressed here. This lovely book will be a tremendous gift to grieving children and their families in need of healing, comfort and restoration."


Bishop Jeremiah Park, Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church.

"When Gary wrote, My Heart Sings a New Song, none of us knew what a difficult passage the world was entering the 2020. But here we are, and this book is a gift for all ages. On Planet Earth in 2020, we can expect moments when every single one of us 7.8 billion human beings will need to be held while someone reads to us this precious book!"  


Paul Nixon, Author, and Coach

Gary Alan Shockley

Author | Illustrator | Coach

Gary helps children and their families to deal with the complexities of life by guiding them toward feeling and expressing emotions in healthy ways. The resources Gary creates have already touched the hearts of hundreds of children and adults alike.


Gary is a Certified Grief Counselor through the American Institute of Healthcare Professionals (AIHCP) and a trained Spiritual Director and a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI). Gary is a proud member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. 

Gary lives in Central Pennsylvania with his wife Kim and dog Zoe. He is the proud grandfather of Jade and Jettson who lives in Florida and Colorado.


Kim Shockley

Coach | Consultant | Speaker

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